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Sigitas Kreivaitis
Gunārs Krollis
Einārs Plūksna
Aleksandrs Neberekutins
Agnese Bule
Jekaterina Grazjeva
Irīna Vorkale
Indulis Kalniņš

MARTA KRASTA -Mag. Jewelry designer. Works with silver, gemstones, semi-precious stones, pearls and other. Making modern jewelry in avangtarda style.

Jewelry designer Sigitas Kreivaitis is one of those rare artists in Lithuania and Latvia, who has already established himself in world of art. He graduated from Art institute in Tallinn and began his career in Lithuania. After some time he found himself in Latvia, where he met and married a famous Latvian jeweler – Marta Krasta.

The road of metal art of Anna Faginina is not very usual. She started off by studying in Physics and Mathematics faculty of Latvian University. She was keen to try out something creative; therefore she spent time on preparing for exams, in order to enrol in the School of Applied Arts, which she accomplished. After graduating this school, she launched her brand “Verba” (in Latin – words) and to open her atelier. Anna’s art works have been exposed in many art galleries of Riga, meanwhile she has also taken part in international exhibitions in Lithuania, Finland, Russia and Italy. “I am inspired by life, which is around us. Very expensive things are put next to very cheap ones. On one step you see mesmerizing wealth, but the step forward – poverty.

He has graduated Latvian Art academy, Metal design department. Pauls creates jewellery from silver, embedding into it pearls, agate, tiger eye, malachite and turquoise.

 I was born in 1964.03.30 in Siauliai. In 1982 I was graduated from Siauliai 11th Av. school. Since 1988 i started to participate in exhibitions. Present theatre performances set design: "Suteptoji stylus" Vilnius Puppet Theatre and the "taste of honey" in the Nicholas Theatre-Studio. In 1992 I worked for the New Vilnia preschool children's art studio as a drawing teacher. In 1992-1993 - Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Textile Department foreman. In 1997 - Youth School “Atgaja" was hosted Fine Crafts section. In 1997 I joined the Union of Lithuanian folk art, and in 1999 - The Lithuanian Artists Union. I am Vice-Chairman of the textile section. I am married and I have a son and dog.



Born in 1961. Memberships: since 1991,has been a member of Latvian Artists’ Union, since 1999, has been a member of the IAC (Geneva, Switzerland), since 2008, has been an honorary member of Lithuanian Artists’Union. Awards: in 1995, a stipendium at the Banff Centre (Canada); in 1995, the Purchase prize (2nd place) at „Cup-96” in Belgrade (Serbia); in 1997, a special Sydney Major award (Australia). Most important axhibitions: in 1997, an exhibition of the collection of the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza in which the artist’s work was exhibited alongside the works of Pablo Picasso, Peter Voulkos and others. Initator of the symposium ‘’Redukcija’07” and the exhibition „Pavasaris” in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Inventions: in 2009, patent N-2009005 (a tea-cup).


Ilona Romule is a studio artist from Riga, Latvia. She was granted her Masters of Fine Arts Degree in 2003 from the Latvian Art Academy. Ilona has received international recognition with her slip cast porcelain figures and is reknowned for her use of semi-erotic imagery both in the form of her fine porcelain pieces and also in the surface decoration. She uses a variety of onglaze enamel. Romule's unique and high quality artwork has allowed her opportunities to work inside world-renown porcelain industries such as the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2005 she participated in the International Storytelling Ceramics Symposium in Guldagergaard, Denmark, and the 2003, 2004, and 2005 Masters' meeting of invited artist at the International Ceramics Studio. Romule is member in the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) and the International Association of Art (UNESCO). Her recent achievements in international competitions include the 6th International Contemporary Porcelain Triennial in Nyon, Switzerland, the 2nd World Ceramic Biennale in South Korea and the 1st International Triennial of Silicate Arts in Kecskemet, Hungary.


Ineta Greiža combines clay and metal. She cannot resist using things that still can be recycled and still are beautiful, for example, nails and wires.
“Metal successfully interacts with clay, same as ceramics with glass. My colleagues know this weakness of mine, therefore they always bring unusual glass bottles or old iron objects”, she explains. Small size art works can be seen as a special accent, which perfectly fit in the interior. In the experiments with chemicals are produced different colours, which are being burned in the chamotte plates – this is the process of creating ceramic paintings .In a similar manner are produced ceramic tiles, which are used for creating extraordinary interiors by covering walls with them.



Excellence in ceramics, one of the main persons in „Ķīpsalas Keramika” group. K.Ozoliņa born in 1940. In 1967 graduated Latvian Academy of Art, Department of Ceramics. 1960 Riga Secondary School of Design and Art, Department of Ceramics. Since 1971 member of the Artists' Union of Latvia. Since 1966 has taken part in exhibitions. Works have been exposed in Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia, Japan, Italy, France, Sweden (2000), Norway (1999).


Sigitas Kreivaitis is one of those rare artists in Lithuania and Latvia, who has already established himself in world of art. He graduated from Art institute in Tallinn and began his career in Lithuania. After some time he found himself in Latvia.

Gunārs Krollis in Latvian art is widely known with his illustrations for books. He was born in 1932. Professional education: J. Rozentāla Rīgas art school (1948 – 1953), Latvian Art Academy’s Graphics department (1954 – 1960), which was graduated under a leadership of professor A. Apins. Gunārs takes part in expositions on a regular basis since 1956. He is a member of Latvian Artists Alliance since 1963 and a member of association “B-13” – since 1993. He has opened more than 20 expositions of his works in Latvia and abroad.

Einārs Plūksna (1941) has graduated Latvian Art Academy’s Interior’s department in 1966 and is taking part in exhibitions since then. From 1965 to 1981 he worked in “Decorative Arts Combine”. Most significant of the artist’s works is interior design in the cafe of cinema “Rīga”, hotel “Metropole”, as well as cinema “Spartaks”.

Alexander Neberekutin was born in 1962. In 1974 -1979 studied in drawing and painting V.F. Rakitjanskogo's studio. In Russia continued in M. E Tkacheva studio 3XP and in different studios of Leningrad. All his free time he spent in The Russian Museum and in The State Hermitage Museum studying and copying masterpieces of the best world artists. The painter E.E.Moiseenko and the sculptor Anikushin 1979-1982 were Alexader's advisers. The artist lives in Riga since 1984. He regulary participates in the international exhibitions and Plein Airs, he also had about 20 solo exhibitions, his works often appear in Latvian auctions. The painter works in different genres, in oil and a watercolour techniques. His works are found in private collections of the West and Europe. He cooperates with several galleries of Riga, travels a lot in order to get new impressions for paintng.

Latviešu Sapnis (Latvian Dream) Ltd. was established at the end of 2009 to work in the field of paper article and art souvenir production based on artwork by well-known Latvian artist Agnese Bule. Her drawings from the "Latvian Dream" art project, series "Angels", "Flowers", "Creation of the World" and other works of art are used in the production. The production starts with the creation of original drawings that are subsequently processed in order to prepare the necessary designs for products. The company continues to expand its product range which includes notebooks, memo pads, postcards, art reproductions, souvenir mugs, handmade cards, invitations, envelopes, magnet stickers, series of articles, etc. The company has also several collections to offer, such as "The Sincere Collection", "The Green Branch Collection", and “The Angels Collection”.


Jekaterina Grjazeva is a very fine artist. In a sensitive and delicate manner she is introducing the audience into her world that is far more poetic and humanistic than reality, but is bond with it by unnoticeable links. In her passions she is closer to the “world of art” emerged on the “tips of sharp pens of the artists and poets”. Jekaterina Grjazeva's handwriting is composed of elegant symbolism (up to surreal manifests) and refinement of modern lines. If often seems that the drawing of her etchings is following a predefined pattern. The artist is attracted to miniature form – “the size of a heard, the shape of a palm”, which color scheme is extremely reserved. Much brighter are her drawings on colored paper. But here again one sees her need for restoration of artistically romantic environment.


Irīna was born on 1953. Professional education – J. Rozentāla Rīgas art school (1961 – 1973), Latvian Art Academy, department of Stage Design (1974 – 1979). Irīna participates in exhibitions since 1972, while since 1985 she is a member of Latvian Artists Alliance. She has organized solo exhibitions in Riga in 1996, 1998 and 1999. On a regular basis has taken a part in exhibitions in Latvia, Spain, Australia, Georgia, Czechoslovakia, Russia and other. Her works are exposed in the National Museum of Art, Latvian Artists Alliance, Latvia’s Culture Ministry, art museum “Arsenāls” and Latvia’s Embassy in Canada collections. Irīna works with the technique of aquarelle. She has participated as an illustrator for books, applied graphic and design, exhibition design, as well as porcelain, silk and wall painting.


Paintings are exhibited in galeries and private collections in Latvia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germanv, France and USA Indulis Kalniņš, who is a well-known graphic designer and poster artist, has been working as a painter for a long time. His interest in "the art of depiction" has evolved graduallv, but took on a more urgent character in the late ‘80ies. In its own way Indulis Kalniņš’ art is of a rational nature. Exploring both the world and the well-known figures and popular artifices of Latvian painting, he has, as a designer, developed a new, but at the same time universally recognizable artistic world. He creates a painting, a substance that with its pragmatic character reveals an artistic inclination towards coherence and rhythm as well as decorative expression.

And many more.......

Jewelry price between 3 to 400 LVL.

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